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This is a compilation of commonly asked questions related to Search engine.

Did a company contact you regarding SEO?

Were you informed of how simple it would be for a corporation to rank #1 on Google employing SEO? Perhaps you received an email or phone call informing you that your existing SEO provider was performing poorly. This is a frequent strategy employed by digital marketing firms. Imagine if your competitors in your business did it to you… Does not appear to be an ethical business, does it?

Can SEO Help You Obtain First Place?

This is a trick question, or at the very least, the response may not be what you would anticipate from an SEO firm. The straightforward response is “yeah of course,” but since you asked, I’ll focus on the unexpectedly complicated response.

How much should SEO services cost?

When it comes to SEO, I’m sure the topic of how much SEO should cost comes up frequently. It’s a straightforward inquiry that, like many others, deserves a complicated response.

Despite the simplicity, it is true that there are three sorts of SEO companies:

1: These businesses give SEO results for less than $100 or $200 per month.

2: These businesses provide SEO packages that vary in price based on the length of time required for the campaign.

3: These organizations charge thousands of dollars, have a dedicated project manager, and provide frequent reports to their clients.

Did SEO Affect Sales?

Several clients and prospective clients inquire as to whether or not SEO can and will affect their company’s sales. The simple answer is a strong yes!

But, it is not as easy as it appears. The lifespan of your internet marketing effort is determined by the appropriate SEO, or rather, respectable SEO. We have gone into great detail in these frequently asked questions regarding the distinction between black hat and white hat SEO, so I would recommend reading more about that to determine if the SEO company you are working with is utilizing the correct techniques, one of which can get you banned from search engines. In our experience, the vast majority of SEO businesses implement tactics that may and will harm your search engine rankings. Herein is our difference. In addition to partnering with Google and other search engines to help you reach your objectives, we also adhere to the guideline, which helps to secure the long-term success of any SEO maintenance effort.

Is B My Marketer is a Good SEO Company?

There are a few methods you can take to determine whether an SEO business is competent and will perform the work for which you are paying them. Here are a few techniques to assess our SEO proficiency, which you may use to determine if the SEO business you’re dealing with is competent.

Consider our case studies: We have concrete instances of how we assisted clients in achieving their objectives.

Read our evaluations: Customers who are familiar with the caliber of our work have provided testimonials on Google.

Conduct searches: One technique to identify a reputable SEO firm is to perform generic searches for the company’s services in their location. For example, if you conduct a search for “NH SEO firm.” Examine the search results and the first two or three pages. I’m prepared to gamble that we get there (if we don’t, we’ll seem quite dumb saying this, but we’re fairly certain we’ve arrived). Why is this so significant? Due to the fact that we did not begin operations at this location until the end of 2015. We migrated from across the nation, and despite competing with organizations that had been delivering SEO in New Hampshire for decades, we began outranking them in less than a year.


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How can I identify a professional web development firm?

When you begin your search for the appropriate web development business, you must determine the nature of your product and target audience. How are you attempting to accommodate them via your website? Every website is different; thus, you must locate a web development firm that has expertise developing the website your Business requires.

What services does a web design company offer?

Web development firms offer a variety of essential services that enable your website to get traction on the Internet. From conceptualizing and designing the framework, navigation, and architecture to selecting your website’s coding language, programming the backend, integrating interactive features such as photos and videos, and executing final quality guarantees.

What is the procedure for creating a website?

The first stage is to collect information about the brand, including its objectives, industry, and target audience. The design of the sitemap and wireframe provides the client a concept of how the website will appear. The website then begins to take shape as the developer creates web pages and adds images. Then comes content creation, coding, testing, review, and launch.

How much time does it take to finish a web design project?

The overall time required to complete the job will be determined by your specifications. The first two weeks are spent planning and strategizing, followed by wireframe and sitemap creation. Following that are graphic design, coding, product development, quality assurance, launch, and maintenance. We divide the procedure into manageable layers, making it simple for the client to follow.

What is the cost of developing a website?

Our web development services are separated into two categories: business websites and ecommerce websites, each with three distinct packages. Business website creation packages range from $699 to $1299, while Ecommerce website development packages range from $899 to $1999. But, rates are

subject to fluctuate based on an increase or decrease in your objectives and requirements.


B My Marketer Graphic Designers provide a fully transparent design service, and don’t believe in trying to baffle clients with complicated terminology. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from customers.

Why do I need to hire a graphic design firm if I have a computer and Microsoft Word?

Your branding and marketing materials are frequently your potential consumers’ initial point of contact. Because you never have a second chance to establish a first impression, your communication materials must express the proper picture. A design firm will create marketing materials to help potential clients understand the professionalism of your company and the service you provide. By creating your own marketing materials, you risk seeming incompetent, which means losing potential consumers.

What are your payment policies?

For tasks with a quote of less than $500, we ask an initial payment of 50% of the total charge before we may begin work on your project. The remaining payment is due upon completion of the project. We ask an initial payment of one-third of the total charge before we can begin work on your project if the quotation exceeds $500. We will demand payment for the second one-third at the midway point as the project continues. The remaining one-third of the payment is due upon project completion.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by PayPal, Zelle, or any other electronic transfer.

What kind of design services do you offer?

Everything from logos to content-managed websites is designed by us. Please get in touch with us to discuss your project and design needs.

How does the design process operate, from my initial inquiry through task completion?

We begin all projects by extensively reviewing the project’s details with the customer. We derive the particular needs, known as The Brief, from this conversation. We feel that customer feedback is critical to the project’s success. We begin work on the project by exploring ideas after we have set the brief. These initial concepts are developed into design graphics on the most recent Apple Mac computers utilizing the most recent graphic/web design applications. The design graphics are then sent to the customer for review. We attentively consider client input and respond with solutions and guidance to any concerns that may occur. If changes are needed, they are done and the revised graphic is resubmitted to the customer. This procedure will be repeated until we gain client approval.


Here are few questions we commonly gest asked about Google My Business.

Is it necessary to establish a Google Business Profile if I already have a website?

Yes. Google Business Profile supplements your existing website by providing your company with a public identity and Google presence. The information you give about your company may be displayed on Google Search, Maps, and Google+. Google Business Profile pages will receive more attention than your website. There’s no excuse not to set up your page because it’s free.

What is the primary function of Google My Business?

Google My Business allows you to list your company’s location on Google Maps and in local search results. You may show crucial information about your company, such as opening and closing times, contact information, or a link to your website.

What are the two most important advantages of Google My Business?

Google My Business Enables You to Show Up in Maps and Google Local Pack Listings. That is really visible.

How many people actually make use of Google My Business?

Overview of Google My Business Statistics. On weekdays, 64% of people use Google My Business to locate contact information for local businesses, 94% of calls to local businesses are generated by GMB, and the typical firm is discovered in over 1,000 searches each month.

Is it simple to utilize Google My Business?

Google Business Profile is a simple tool for businesses and organizations to manage their Google internet presence. You may validate your business and change your business information to help clients discover you.

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